Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Hellbound" & "Deathwish" Baggy Jeans!

I just put these out...hope you like 'em!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The new {PLUNDER} is open!!!

In case you haven't heard, I finally got an island... now home to both {PLUNDER} and Miau Haus! (I'm sure some of you were getting tired of me whining about wanting an island for the longest time!) Needless to say, I had a very busy month building the new environments for both of my stores: recruiting talented designers to be part of my pet project, making props and buildings, shopping for props... and mostly trying to keep my creativity going. I'm super happy with the result... {PLUNDER} in all its glory is now completed (except for a couple of designers' shops) and open for business! A huge thank you and sloppy Posy kisses to all the people who helped me and agreed to be part a project that is near and dear to my heart. 

When you visit, you'll see all the familiar faces as well as some amazing designers that I've wanted to have in {PLUNDER} but didn't have the prim space before at the old location.  You'll now see SiniStyle, Refuge, Jeepers Creepers, Philotic Energy, Truth, Accessory Arsenal, The Syndicate and sometime soon Menno Ophelia's Kari will join the crew. 

Thank you again to all the talented designers who put in their time and effort to help create a wonderful shopping experience for our fellow SL citizens and for helping to make my creative vision come true. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The "Scavenger" Coat

Hi Gang!

I just released a new coat... the "Scavenger." The coat is sleeveless (to show off the badass tattoos on yer "guns") and made of worn brown leather. There's a protective neck wrap/scarf, gloves with prim arm wraps, and matching leather pants... perfect for your scavenging raids in SL!

You'll get a neck wrap and coat bottom with several prim "scavenged" items... war medals, a compass, rope, flask, map, journal, letters, etc. You'll also get plain versions of the neck wrap and coat bottom without the scavenged attachments. There will also be a small and large version of each prim attachment. Whew! That's lots of stuff!

You'll find the new coat at [CIVVIES] at The Block and at {Plunder}!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Relay for Life

Hi Gang!

I'm so glad! Menno recruited me for the "Pixels in Pink" Relay for Life team. I'm in great company... joining a team thats members are some of the most talented and respected designers in Second Life. Relay for Life is especially important to me because my best friend had breast cancer 3 years ago. She had a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. It was an emotional and physically-traumatic thing to go through, for her, her family and friends... but she's doing extremely well today, thanks to the medical advancements funded through efforts like Relay for Life. I'm sooo thankful to have my best friend here today, and look forward to all the wonderful times we'll have together in the future.

Anyhow, look for some fun and powerful things coming from "Pixels in Pink" during the next few months. I'll keep you all posted on events and stuff. I encourage you to donate as much as you can and support the cause. I'll also be making some exclusive items for Miau Haus and Civvies with 100% of the proceeds going to Relay for Life.

See ya in world!

Monday, March 17, 2008

The "Vasean" Coat

I've been having a lot of fun creating some sexy coats for y'all and here's one of 'em! It's named for one of the sexiest guys I know in SL, my friend Vasean Talamasca. ^^ As you can see, I used a rich tapestry texture and made 4 different colors. It's kinda steampunk... or reminiscent of an 18th century gentleman's coat... whatever it is, it's fun to wear! You can dress it up or dress it down with leather pants or jeans... with or without a shirt layered underneath.

A new blog for [CIVVIES]!

Hello Citizens of Second Life!

I've been wanting to have a blog dedicated to my [CIVVIES] store for a long time... so here it is! Previously, I just mashed my [CIVVIES] products into my Miau Haus blog, which has entirely different sensibilities (Miau Haus' clean and cutsie Neko items as opposed to [CIVVIES]' grungy dystopian steampunk gear). I'll be posting all new products here as well as any store information and updates... so, stay tuned!